Welcome to  I’ve Lived Enough Life to Say. I’m the voice behind it.  Gail Lampers, wife, mom and follower of Christ.  I spent the majority of my life being a stay at home mom to my special needs son and working part time jobs when I could fit it in.  My husband and I are closing in on 40 years of marriage and enjoying the empty nest season. 

I have a story to tell.  I want to encourage you.  Ive learned truths from the Lord  after making huge mistakes,  from the life experiences we’ve traveled through and a few from following the Lord in obedience and seeing blessings we never expected. 

If you don’t……, please know that God is faithful.  If youre going through a storm or trial, hang on to Him.  And when you find yourself needing encouragement, read some of my blog posts.  Because I’ve Lived Enough Life to Say …