A Home for Joe

“We’re ready to start the process,” I told the case manager. “We need to find a home for Joe.” We always knew this day would come. We never intended for Joe to live with us forever. But even when you know its the right decision and the time is right, its still bittersweet when it … More A Home for Joe

Hanging Up the Keys

“Please stop driving” I said to Michael. But he wasn’t ready to acknowledge his new reality. After his accident he saw a special eye doctor who checked out his limited sight 101 different ways. At the end the doc gave his verdict. Michael was legally blind. He would need corrective lenses to enhance what little … More Hanging Up the Keys

Gifts from Heaven

When Michael fell and ended up in the hospital, our income came to an abrupt halt. Being self employed with a company to run provided our only source of income. We had a paychecks worth of money in the bank and a tiny bit of savings. Like most people, we’d be in trouble by the … More Gifts from Heaven

Waking Up Blind

Michael was waking up from his medically enduced coma. I was waiting by his bedside. He was disoriented and didn’t know why he was in the hospital. It took awhile to explain to him that he had fallen out of a tree and had been injured. He resisted the idea and told me to get … More Waking Up Blind

Life Changes

I was sitting in the physical therapy reception lounge waiting for my 5 year old son to be finished with his session.  My cell phone rang; the first words I heard were: “Gail, Michael fell.”  My husbands employee, Keith, was in panic mode.  He told me the ambulance had taken Michael to Harborview Medical Center … More Life Changes